Music Review //
River Town Saints
"Breaking Up"

As soon as I listen to this song and hear the lyrics, I know exactly who I can relate it with in my head.   The idea behind the song "Breaking Up" isn't that this is a break up number but rather it's about being in a relationship where you continuously break up and get back together.  If you've never been in a situation such as that before, consider yourself lucky because it is not a fun one to be in.  

Through elements of rock, pop and a little bit of country even, River Town Saints profess that "Breaking up with you don't mean a thing" and it's really an interesting concept to consider if you've been in this situation before.   There are people that for various reasons it didn't work out and just one day it was like flipping a switch and they were cut out of my life, but then others it took more time and that line rang more true.

Those who have been in this situation before will also recognize the line: "This ain't the first time or the last time" as being true, as you just know it becomes a pattern.  And I think that through this pattern and everything else involving breaking up and getting back together, yes I believe in second chances but I also believe that eventually you just have to let go.

If you have managed to not find yourself in this situation before, this song should come to you not as a reminder but as a warning.  Breaking up just to get back together isn't fun and it shouldn't be something that anyone wants, so listen to this song, relate with it if you can and if you don't relate then try to keep it that way.  


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