Friday, April 28, 2023

Music Review //
Mister Rabbit
"Subtle Tribute"


The sound of Mister Rabbit feels like it's straight out of the MPLS scene.  Somewhere between the Replacements and Soul Asylum, this could be a song within the movie "Can't Hardly Wait" or "Empire Records" as it also boasts that 1990's rock appeal, you know the type of sound that took over the radio after grunge.

I like the idea behind the "Subtle Tribute" because it often times feels like we're doing things even if we don't know why.   This song has the line: "I can't get you off my mind" and so it feels as if maybe this person is doing things for someone else, even if they aren't aware of it.  I like that you can have that tribute in a helpful way without really intending it to be as such.

But what's more so than that is when you're an artist of any type and you have these influences and kind of put them into your art and perhaps they go unnoticed.  As a musician, it must be nice to drop a little guitar riff here and there to emulate one of your favorite musicians growing up, but knowing really knows about it but you.

Being subtle and not hidden though shows that these tributes could be discovered, but it's still a messy situation when you feel like you're doing things (like writing songs) for someone you think you aren't going to be writing songs about any more.   This song also feels like it could be the key point in the movie where someone makes a grand gesture for someone else and if you're not living that life then perhaps you should.  

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