Cassette Review //
Nicholas Serrambana
"< buildings within >"


This cassette begins with the sounds of scales, going up and down.  It feels like a piano perhaps but then I feel like we slowly dive into the flute, as the percussion and a steady bass line take over.   There is definitely a feeling of jazz in here, but it is in that experimental way.   At times this can almost sound like prog rock, but then it also has those alien tones which make me think it's sci-fi.

With a bass line such as this, I cannot quite explain it but when listening to this music I also can just feel as if I'm rocking back and forth, gently in the ocean.   Organ tones come through and there is just a real chill way about this sound right now.  

On the flip side we open up with the organ like keys.   It's going back and forth, sort of like traffic here but also like the Phantom of the Opera.   There also exists this sort of retro feel to it which makes me think of video games.   The way the keys go now also can remind me of The Doors.  

A little bit of that "Riders on the Storm" interlude feel and this also just feels like the soundtrack to packing everything up into a van and driving around the country.   A sort of faint bass line and percussion feel is behind this as well, really taking into quite the groove.   The pace quickens now and I feel like we're part of a chase scene on a moving train.  

Doing some research (especially through Bandcamp) and I can't seem to find a way for someone to purchase this cassette.  I was able to get it at a live show, so if you're in Connecticut, the area or just happen to be at a show that Nicholas Serrambana is, then you can get it that way.  Otherwise you might just have to wonder.