Music Review //
Geoff Gibbons
"Feet Out the Window"

The idea behind the song "Feet Out the Window" seems to call for a simpler time.  I have memories of driving places with my parents but also driving places myself.  I don't know what it is, but something about being on that open road when there isn't traffic or bad weather just seems to relax me.   Not being the driver and just watching the country go by can be so soothing.

Geoff Gibbons has this easy going rock approach to this song, a little bit like Tom Petty but also just a great feeling of a soundtrack to driving.  This would be a good song to put on while in the car though it is also a song that is more looking back on the act in the title rather than being about it happening in the present tense.  

Behind this song are the lyrics about looking back on this time fondly and having this be the way you choose to remember someone.  Whether they are no longer with us or just no longer with you, I find it nice as well that this is a song that is looking back and remembering the good times with someone else rather than the bad since a lot of songs seem to just be so negative.

While there are a lot of reasons to write a song, Geoff Gibbons seems to have this one as a pleasant memory.  The thought of putting your feet out of the car window could trigger some childhood memory for you, and perhaps it might not be as pleasant, but overall I just feel like this song is trying to help us remember the past in a happier light. 


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