Music Review //
Joshua Radin
"Man of the Year"


The concept of the "Man of the Year" has always been an interesting one to me because whoever some magazine might decide is suited to win such an award might not be someone that even relates to me in a personal way.    The lyric: "Everyone knows, I ain't the man of the year" might apply on a grand scale but in a more private setting it might be less from the truth.

Through these softer tones which make it feel somewhat like a ballad but also like a song with drive, Joshua Radin has created a song which could be used as inspiration to be better in your own life because while we all might not be someone that would be on those magazine covers, we still could become "Man of the Year" to someone in our own lives, which in a lot of ways feels more important.

In a somewhat nostalgic way, this song can have those somewhat country undertones which make me think of this song as being a cross between Tom Petty and Don Henley.  Between that realm of modern rock radio and mainstream pop radio, Joshua Radin can stand out in a sea of music that tends to blend together at times.

Whether it is in a relationship with one other person, in a family way, being someone such as a musician and affecting others in that artistic regard or just being a person inside of your local community who does good, the title "Man of the Year" really should be relative and hopefully this song can help you to think more locally.