Friday, April 21, 2023

Music Review //
The Ladderman
"Figures on Demand"

While most people seem to remember grunge being a big time in music during the 1990's, there was also this scene which came out of grunge but didn't sound exactly like it that seems to be forgotten.   I wouldn't consider The Ladderman to be a grunge band, though they do have some definitive crunchy guitar sounds with Alice In Chains vibes, but they are more of a hard rock band from that mid- to late '90's scene.

There once existed a band called UPO that reminds me of this, but they might be largely unknown.   In the sense of Stone Temple Pilots though this feels like that fourth album era from them, which was very distinguished and took us into Velvet Revolver in many ways as well.  Just having that gritty rock sound is what this album seems to be all about.

But there in also lies the tricky part as The Ladderman are very much musicians in the sense that they seem to be big fans of guitar solos.  I always feel like these guitar solos remind me of Guns N Roses, though The Ladderman isn't quite in that genre of music either.  Perhaps they could be more like Mother Love Bone, which is even a stretch.

Certainly there are bands I relate with the early 2000's that could also be compared with The Ladderman.   These bands feel like they're along the lines of 3 Doors Down.   But just listening to a song like "Untethered" should show you how much this album can rock and just how it can go about it.  

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