Cassette Review //
Jo Bled
"The Accumulation and The Radiate"
(Histamine Tapes)

One thing I thought about music until I was a bit older was, to me, everything was "drums", but listening to this cassette from Jo Bled shows you the true difference between everything just being "drums" and what percussion is.   This is definitely percussion as it goes from the drums to cymbals, things that shake and other sounds which are found within that family of drums but not the drums themselves.  

Whether the drum is being hit and it makes a lighter sound or deeper bass type sound, there is just something about how all of these sounds are being made from mostly one source.  It's like how someone can go in and just create an entire album of music with a guitar only this is with percussion.   This contains different speeds as well- sometimes it slows up, sometimes it speeds up- and at times it can even feel like it's being played in a loop.

The sound of Jo Bled also makes me think back to when I was younger, much younger than I am today.   As kids, before we really were aware of music like we are now, we'd hear a band like The Beatles and just think of it as music and not pick apart each component to be guitar, bass and drums.  Now, when I listen to this cassette by Jo Bled I feel as if all of these different components which I should be able to pick up- whether it be the tom or snare- they all just come together and form one sound.

Whether it's banging or shaking, this one is always just grooving.  I read on the Bandcamp page (and cassette insert) as well that these songs were both recorded in one take and that makes them feel even more special, like this moment captured in time.  This cassette says a lot about what a percussionist can do, but it also shows how far music has come since we are able to hear something such as this and it generates that sound which just feels so complete.  


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