Cassette Review //
Max Hamel + Zach Rowden

This starts with a ringing which turns into the sounds of bowls and movements on glass.   The sound can be quiet, but then cut in like a knife stabbing before echoing like a video game.   The ringing becomes stronger now, really just bursting through like a raygun with these electronic footsteps behind it.    Loud, distorted bursts come through now as well, like a glitching video game on some level.

There is a distinct sound of scraping but then everything else comes in electronically like a video game.   Beeps like robots now as something is being rattled and dragged around.   This turns into a sound which can possibly only be described as ping pong balls exploding as laser blasts cut through.   Little electronics come through like it's in space now, a transmission from a lost satellite perhaps.  

All of this breaks down now into what can sound like a broken pinball machine.   Beeps come in again as other electronic sounds seem to want to break through but feel as if they are being muted.   This begins the idea of all the sounds coming through like a fax machine before the whirrs make us feel like we're underwater.  

Radio frequencies shift, but come through like an engine revving up as well before dropping off into these deeply wavy tones.   It certainly leaves a ringing feeling in your ears right before coming to the end of the first side.  

On the flip side we open up with what sounds like going through a drawer of metal items such as silverware and utensils.   It feels like beats are forming in the static now, as the pace picks up.  Laser blasts and launched and landed.   Then it definitely sounds like Pac Man for a short bit.  Even as Pac Man dies, you can kind of hear that in the background.

Through static it fades, but then returns as if the static is coming through in short bursts.   The robotic electronics have returned, as have blasts of distortion.   The pace has definitely picked up through all of these sounds as well.   Briefly, the sound of a drum being hit can be heard before we get really wavy here.  

Up and down we go now, on the noise carousel.   All of the static comes down like a storm now and then it has that video game explosion feeling.   It really begins to feel like the sound of hail hitting a metal rooftop.   Perhaps a slot machine glitch now, as we go back and forth between that vibe of video games and of just machines that play games.   This also takes us into some more direct type of beepings.

Fireworks in their grand finale now make the sound.  This feels like a storm coming to an end as we reach the end of the first cassette in spectacular fashion.  

The second cassette begins with the sound of tin but yet also like a car starting.   As this rattles on you can hear it stop and sort of backtrack the way a tape player might make the noise when you press the rewind button.   It's starts and stops in that tape player way now, still ringing altogether metallic.

Some haunted sort of bell sounding tones come through in the background of all of this now.   Everything else quiets now to where it feels like the bells are just ringing in the abyss.  But I can still hear those sounds of the way you might hear the fast forward or rewind button pressed.   The bells keep ringing and it sounds like mice are scurrying now.   Metal sounding objects are bumping together now too.

The way this has the rewind and fast forward feeling just makes it feel even more so like a frequency on the radio being manipulated.   Back and forth now, we go from what sounds like this choir singing to what sounds like a lot of glass bottles being banged around.   These sounds all come together with distorted beats now, sort of a cross between industrial and hip hop.  

This whole sound takes a pause for a moment but then comes back again for one last moment before the first side comes to an end.   On the flip side we open with static which pours down like rain and then comes out screeching in a high pitched manner.   This takes off into a stream of harsh noise then cuts through like a helicopter.   Even more harsh and sharper screeches come through now.

Frequencies feel like they are twisting and turning as everything just remains so loud.   There is a sound coming through here very strongly now as well but it definitely feels more than anything as if it is creating that melody which is being brought about with the help of the rhythm.  Everything gets a little bit quieter now and then is just reduced to that hollow basement sound.  

A hum slowly fills the room.   It staggers in and out now.   The wind comes through, a bit choppy, but it makes a steady droning sound.  This also just feels like it's got a great force behind it and I really love that.   There are also these moments where the sound feels like this constant stream, but then it just sort of stops like pressing pause on the tape player and I enjoy that because it reminds me of manipulating music as a kid with my cassettes.

A steady whirlwind now as the mechanics reappear, making everything louder, and then it just feels like it's turning and swerving all over the place- which is quite the panic sound.   The way it ends just feels more like it runs out of gas than anything else and that was quite the wild ride.  


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