Music Review //
Maddy Little
"Six Feet Under"

When the song "Six Feet Under" first starts I'm reminded of Olivia Rodrigo and the group of similar artists who came to follow on the radio.   I don't feel like I ever got into the music of Olivia Rodrigo the way so many others have largely because I first heard her as an ad on Spotify which just seemed to annoy me.   Finding music more organically, such as with Maddy Little, seems to make the experience better overall.

This is a slow type of ballad song with lyrics about what the title suggests- death.  People have a lot of different words and ways of thinking about people who think about death, but I just feel like death is such a natural part of life- it's really the only certainty we have in this world- I wonder why we don't talk about it more openly.   I feel like maybe if we did, it wouldn't feel so sad but could rather be a celebration of sorts.

One of my favorite lyrics in this song is: "I was running out of patience / I was running out of time" because I enjoy how those two things compliment each other.  In some sense, we're all running out of time, right.  So you don't want to spend your life waiting in line at the DMV or whatever, so we feel impatient in those situations as well.   It really feels like a carpe diem sort of phrase just in a different approach.

Musically, this song might not take the same comparison but there is a line in here which says "I just can't get it right".   It repeats at the end, drifts off for a musical outro and then comes back.   The way this line is delivered- on repeat- reminds me of Nirvana and how their songs had a habit of doing that.   Whether it be for the slowcore melodies or just to contemplate life in general (and its ultimate end) this song is a good way to just reflect on everything.