Music Review //
The Paper Sea
"Past Is Prologue"

This song starts with what could be the sound of a guitar or possibly keys, but it feels blissful.  There are softer beats behind it, but they kick in louder.  This brings out a sound of tones which are a cross between video games and a trumpet.   Eventually, you can hear it more being like a video game but at first they did make me think of a trumpet blaring as well.  

As the notes carry through and the cymbals crash, this definitely begins to take on the vibe of a video game.  It feels like we're moving through, completing levels and making progress to get to the eventual end and have one final battle.  This has sounds more like a fighting game- that <> type of way you would walk and fight along the way- but something about it also makes me feel like it's from The Legend of Zelda.

It slows down, gets a bit more ambient and minimal towards the end.   While it can feel as if it's moving at the start, by the end it begins to feel as if it is much calmer and we've just made it from the start of our journey to the end.  The way this takes me through this video game adventure in my mind makes me happy because it tells a story and not only that but it tells a story that it feels like I'm a part of.

As The Paper Sea continues to create music, the sound seems to know no boundaries.  "Past Is Prologue" would be a great song to listen to while doing something active- something where you're moving- whether it be your body in a literal sense or driving in your car.  Life can feel like a video game at times and this song can just help make that ring a little bit more true.  


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