Cassette Review //
"In The Midnight Hour"

Trying to describe the rock sound of Perennial isn't easy because it is not often that you hear a band like this, if ever before.   At times this sound feels post hardcore and at other times it just has that flat out hardcore punk feel to it.   Fast paced, hard-hitting, loud and with group vocals this cassette is certain to get stuck in your head while giving your music listening that shot of adrenaline it likely needs.

Though "In The Midnight Hour" has a titular track, one of my favorite aspects of this cassette is that the theme- that title- appears on other songs during this cassette and I like that continuity.  It makes the cassette feel whole overall, like a connected group of songs and not just ones put in place at random.

Whether it be werewolves or haunted house, Perennial also has a theme among their songs which stretches into horror.  I really wish someone would animate Perennial into an episode of Scooby Doo, as it only seems fitting, and I feel like I've said this before but I stand by it and will likely continue to say it until it happens.

Somewhere out there exists a movie waiting to be made.   It's not quite like "Scream", but it can shake the foundation of horror films to its very core.  This movie will be avante garde and take horror to places the genre has never been before.  And it will be perfectly soundtracked by Perennial, as they have that cutting edge sound about them with haunted undertones.  


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