Cassette Review //
Human Flourishing
"The Warming Shed"

With sounds like traffic outside of the open window, this cassette has a guitar note sound in it which almost begins to take us into the old west.   Static slips through, but so does this metallic feeling which is like a ringing.   A quiet, lighter tapping and then louder crashes.    The guitar comes through with blissful tones now but that banging into metal sound is still back there.   Somewhere between gunshots and waves crashing at the beach the guitar just takes us away to some place heavenly now.

As it grows more dreamy now, it feels as if we are either underwater or in space.  Either way, this laser sound echoes through and that could easily be from a spaceship but it could also be the sonar used underwater.   Isn't it weird how much space is like being underwater?   Slow, dissolving beeps now as frequencies.   Tones begin to take us into a loop now and it feels as if we're in space, floating out to a point where we can no longer be reached.  It's also a bit trippy.  

Distortion cuts through now and this one has X-Files vibes while also just feeling like it's a classic guitar rock number.   The guitar is just cutting through space and time now, somewhat like how we heard it before only more distorted now which makes it feel more powerful, less relaxed and also just more distant somehow.   This all turns into carnival type electronic sounds now and then into droids.   Then everything just drops off into a sea of distortion.

Ominous tones set the mood on the flip and it feels like some humming is coming through as well, though it might be ghost moans.   The guitar is rattling through its tones while the background sounds definitely feel like we're in a haunted house.   There also exists this weird scraping sound now, which makes this all feel much more like we're having an exorcism.   We drift back into that dreamy Chris Isaak sounding guitar now.

Guitar notes persist through with smaller tones behind them and this all just feels very busy now.   There is a lot going on here- many different layers of sound.   It has taken on more of an ambient spatial tone and feels as if vocals are trying to come through as well, a communique from space perhaps.   Beeps are sent through in echoes.   As the guitar notes grow higher, the sounds behind them resemble a game of squash or something played inside of a small court in the gym.  

The sound begins to echo and I can see the ripple effect, like skipping stones.   Once again it feels as if words are trying to come through all of this, but there is also this mix of that demon trying to be unleashed and those heavenly guitars.   Everything resonates from notes into guitar chords, like something taking that trip in circles around the rim of a bucket before finally finding its way to the bottom to rest comfortably.  


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