Music Review //
Robert Jon & The Wreck
Blame It On The Whiskey” (Live)

      Ahead of the release of their upcoming live DVD, Robert Jon& The Wreck are back with another live single and this time it is for “Blame It On The Whiskey”.   With that southern rock n roll vibe this music video also offers up some of that stage banter that only a live show experience can provide. 

     Once again showcasing why that live experience is so important for musicians, this song especially feels like one you would want to share not only with the band on stage but fellow concert goers as you all drink whiskey and sing along.  

     There are only really a few bands out there that can bring out a classic rock style in a modern way and along with that influence of artists such as Lynyrd Skynyrd and Creedence, you can definitely hear the way that southern rock sound Neil Young sang about has been made their own.  

     Whether it’s catching them on a live show at some point or just being able to watch this video until the DVD releases next Friday, the sound of Robert Jon & The Wreck is certainly one which you are going to want to experience in person to fully embrace it.  


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