My Five Favorite Albums Released in August 2023

1) The Underground Youth "Nostalgia's Glass"

Back in 2012 or so I really got into shoegaze and the music which came along with it and that lead me to The Underground Youth.  It's great that it's ten years later and I'm still listening to this band and still in awe of their sound.  With deep bass vocals the sound can be somewhere between darkwave and new wave, but ultimately it might end up putting you in a trance.

"Another Country" is an absolute jam and I get hyped up when that song comes on and I hear it.   There is a piano interlude in this album and then by the end, for the "Epilogue", there are more pianos within the sound.   Overall though this album is just rocking, if at times dark, and it's just so great to be able to find the comfort in listening to an artist that you have known for so many years and just can continue to listen and feel inspired.  

2) Atom Brigade "Atom Brigade"

Atom Brigade has created an album of blissed out songs that border on the electronic for the most part, but are also just really fun.   They have a retro feel to them, but then you listen to a song like "Breathe Breakdown" and it can feel ambient and dancy at the same time.  It's just something like a trance.

Somehow "If I Want To" reminds me of Nine Inch Nails but also not and on "Safe Travels" there are some intense notes.   There are some instrumentals in here but this is just such a great album to get lost in.  I don't recommend it while driving or doing anything that requires your 100% attention because you might get drifted away and caught up in the music.

3) Be Your Own Pet "Mommy"

One of the things I like most right away about this new album from Be Your Own Pet is that it feels like BYOP is this type of band that I grew up with because of how long I've been listening to them.  Sometimes people make the same music their whole lives and that's okay, but to have the music in the early 2000's be as it was and then this progression to now for Be Your Own Pet is truly remarkable.

The song "Goodtime!" is about going out and having a good time but you're stuck at home because "I got two kids and a mortgage".    I'm not saying that no one has done this before, but it's nice to hear music that you can listen to lyrically and grow up with the artists.  Through their blend of punk rock and art rock, Be Your Own Pet should be in everyone's ears but maybe the album you like the most will reveal your age.  

4) alice does computer music "Shoegaze 5G

On "Shoegaze 5G", alice does computer music has two different sides to their music.  On one hand, there is this delicate sound with strings being played (such as the cello) and it feels a bit like a minimalist neo-classical sound.   On the other hand, there are electronics which come in with the chill vibe and it feels like minimal electronics.  

It's difficult to find someone else who sounds like this if you think of alice does computer music as making two different sounds, just to find someone who is within compare to one of these sounds.   But on top of that, you have these two sounds coming together through the album and it just creates a whole lot of beauty that we need more of in music today.  

5) Karina Rykman "Joyride"

While this album starts off as this pop/R&B feel, it expands into something so much more.  The first few songs have that definite radio feel which could get you hooked into it but as it goes on songs like "Plants" are instrumental.  "Elevator" is also a song which just drifts off in this musical direction, over lyrics, and it becomes almost psychedelic.  

I love this album because it starts off like it's going to be in a certain pop radio genre but branches off and you can hear driving synth wave plus soul.  The way this takes you on a musical journey- and all of the music is right on- makes it just one of my favorite and most complex albums I've heard this year.  


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