Cassette Review // Rear Window "Live at Redscroll Records"

As of now, Rear Window has played at Redscroll Records twice.  The second time I was there (and I got this cassette) but this is a recording of the first time which I missed.  It begins with these haunted feels with scrapes and sharp noises coming through.  I definitely feel like I can hear some sort of vocals sound, almost like a baby gagging but it's not quite that defined.  This does seem to set the mood for a specific type of room, which is perfect for Halloween time.

Organs begin droning as it sounds as if items are being shuffled around.   Scraping sounds come through now with those deep, dark drones that feel like we're in an underground situation.  It gets as sharp as it does dark, going from one end of that sound to the other, and it just feels like we're being put in a place where it is calm but might also be destructive at the same time. 

A popping sound comes in, which feels like ping pong balls being hit but also somehow destroyed when hit because they don't make a sound of dropping.   The synth tones slide back and forth and ignite.   The tones shift to more bass and then it feels as if something is being hammered.  Somewhat sounds of vocals come in here as well, as this banging is in a loop and then after it sounds like someone says "shoo".

Behind this all still feels like that purr of a car engine and every so often you can hear what sounds like an old horn on a car beeping.   This very much takes on the presence of a virtual highway, launching into space.   The scraping sound continues, but it also just feels as if you opened up your window in a city full of traffic.   It expands and contrasts, finding its way to the end and the applause is there to remind us that this was performed live.  


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