Cassette Review // Greg Electric "It's Been..." (BLIGHT. Records)

One of my favorite parts of this cassette is that Greg Electric has this sound which feels very familiar, but there aren't specific artists or even genres to attach it with.   While it is melodic and heavy at the same time, I think of recent bands like Sweet Pill, but still, Greg Electric stands out on their own.

"Purgatory" has some breakdowns while there might also be a little bit of math rock in here.  "Used To Me", which closes out the cassette, also has this really distinct sound.  It could be post grunge, but it also could just be some new type of music which doesn't have labels yet.  But the fact that it could fit in with those mid to late 1990's bands just as well as the current scene shows you the range of Greg Electric.

The lyrics can be catchy and get stuck in your head after several listens.   I enjoy the lines: "It's not your fault / But you must change", from the song "You Must Change".   It has the lyrics just feeling like they're coming through in this straight forward manner, they mean what they say, but then at the same time you still have to do some thinking to process them.

The great thing about music is that you could listen to Greg Electric and not even have to think about all of the nostalgia that this cassette brings me.   If you're younger than I am, you could easily just relate this with your current scene of rock heavy favorites.   I really like that this can mean different things to different people, but overall it just flat out rocks and that should be what you take away from it all.