Cassette Review // Folk Punk Dad & Myles Bullen "2023 Demos"

This split cassette between two of the greatest artists of our time is only available from the artists and the music isn't streaming as of this writing.   So, if you're interested in hearing either of these two musicians then this might be the best way for you to sample them both at the same time, but you also will likely have to go out to a show to do so.

The Folk Punk Dad side of this is filled with raw emotion.   It's an acoustic guitar + vocals.  Lines like: "I'm going home / but there's no one there that loves me any more" really hit and, to me, I just relate with Folk Punk Dad because this feels like the type of music you would listen to in your later years after spending your youth in punk rock, but also this should be something for the kids as well.

Myles Bullen plays the ukulele on the first and also has FPD on their side.  These songs are full of rapping but also screaming.  Perhaps the closest radio-friendly artist to compare Myles Bullen with is Twenty One Pilots, but it also just hits a bit different.  There are audio clips in here of people at a coffee shop (I think) as well as one about getting sober.  The music remains pretty and upbeat somehow.

What I love about this cassette is that two artists can make seemingly different music- it's the difference between rock and rap on a larger scale- and yet their songs can still be so closely related and still feel so similar.   Together, these two artists show that music isn't always about a genre and a sound so much as it is the emotions which that sound elicits.   It is nice and important to think "Oh, this sounds like..." but it is also as important to think about "Oh, this makes me feel like".  


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