Music Review // Moh Flow "Reckless"

Moh Flow spends time singing and rapping during this song which is obviously hip hop but doesn't really have anyone to be in comparison with.  If pressed, the closest sound I can compare "Reckless" with is Post Malone, but even then there are differences.   There are pop elements and that also means that could be easily accessible.

This song has the chorus line that says: "I came up now I'm reckless" which just seems to imply that as he's getting older and well known he's also becoming more reckless.  But other lyrics in this song and just the overall vibe of it make me feel like it's the opposite and he's growing and becoming less reckless as he gets older.

One line sings about how he slipped up and almost let you have all of his trust, but because he didn't slip up-- because he didn't do those things-- it feels like he wasn't being reckless, or at least not as reckless as he could've been.   This really feels like a coming of age song and something that everyone would listen to because if you can't relate to it now you either should have at one point in your life or you will at some point in the future.

While I fully realize this song is called "Reckless", I feel like it's about not being that any more.  So hopefully this song can get stuck in the heads of some of the younger generation and then they can get out there and not be as reckless.   This just song has that feeling of me wishing someone tried to convey this message to me when I was younger.  


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