Cassette Review // Ambigere "Part 3"

Through waves of distortion comes muted electronics.  It feels like a lightsaber at times, but at other times it just feels like there is an electric guitar back there playing.    If you think about this and can kind of separate the two sounds, to hear just the electric guitar sound, it can be like something out of Woodstock- like Hendrix.  There is just that cloud of distortion pushing through the front that makes it sound much different from anything in 1969.

At the beginning of this cassette and in between songs of distorted harsh noise there are audio clips about racial injustice, mainly to the point of black speaking on how they were told that they were also free but they have not been shown that they were free.   I feel this, in and of itself, is an important message because the racism in this country is still so blatant it makes me feel like we haven't come as far as we like to think we have as a society.

One of the audio clip also says about how people say if you don't like it here then you should leave.  The speaker says that they were born here so they will stay here and fight because leaving is for spineless people.   I also think this is an important message to have, just in general, because if your neighbors bother you, then it shouldn't be on you to move to a new neighborhood but rather for them to be more respectful.

Also, this all ties in together so wonderfully because I feel like the idea of fighting and rebellion all comes within the audio clips and also the sound of this music.    The flip side opens with a protest chant about no borders and then we go into the sound like an engine revving up.   We're literally flipping through the television and maybe even radio stations now.   It's funny to me how kids these days won't know about flipping channels because a lot of them don't have cable.

A louder sound comes through now, somewhat like an alien.   A very powerful quote comes in that says "What the hell do you think we care about dying if you're going to deny us the right to live" and the music is such a reflection of how powerful that statement is as well.    There is a bit of electronic rattling within this sound as well, but it stays also with a steady drone of distortion.  


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