Music Review // Alcoves "Raining In July"

Alcoves has a very definitive sound in synthwave.  They don't quite have the same energy and pop of an artist such as Hellogoodbye and they're also not quite the same sort of doom and gloom as The Midnight.   They seem to find that perfect balance in between the two for an even tempo song.

If you've never felt rain in July then it's likely because of where you live.  Being in the colder weather, the rain can really ruin a day planned for outside but in July, the rain can often times feel nice.  In some ways, it can cool you off and refresh you while in other ways you might not notice it.  I have fond summer memories of swimming in the rain.

One thing I remember about swimming in the rain was the idea "Oh no! It's raining! We have to get out of the pool- we don't want to get wet!" in a joking manner.  It's that sort of idea that I feel truly encompasses this song.  It just feels like it's already here, it's something that's inevitable but also welcomed.

Overall I do imagine this song at the beach, lots of sunglasses and maybe even some volleyball as there is a 1980's/early 1990's thing going on as well.  Many artists will try and pay tribute to the past through their music and still add that touch of something modern to it.   Alcoves feels more like they were ripped right of 1984 and are just being discovered now for the first time.  


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