Cassette Review // Tongue Depressor & Weston Olencki "Don't Tell No Tales Upon Us" (Dinzu Artefacts)

A sound like electronic bagpipes with these other harsher sounds coming through starts this off.   It's something you really have to listen to, as at times it can get louder and at other times it just comes in with more bass.   There is a sound like screeching and it just feels like this is shapeshifting throughout the song, as it can take on different forms but hold the original structure.  It is definitely loud as well.

It feels like this complete wave of sound washing over you, but as we get further into it the sounds become more dissected.   You can hear the distinct patterns and it feels more like each individual sound can be heard from the whole, but they still somehow all manage to work together.   There is also really high pitched squealing at this point as well.   It begins to feel more mechanical at this point as well, more like computer-based even though I'm not sure any computers are in here.

On the flip side we begin with this back and forth sound which reminds me of being at sea.   There is also this ringing sound which comes out with the back and forth.  It begins to feel a little bit haunted.    A loud, hollow, drill type of sound is coming through now as well.   A drumming sound comes in, like a tapping, and then there are these horn sounds with it which can feel very primal.   Before I thought we were on a ship at sea and not in can feel more like we're in the depths of the jungle.

There is this grinding, like a halting of brakes, but it's just also very loud and high pitched.   Sounds like metal being hit are behind all of it and then it just begins to feel as if we're in this winding path, which might take us to the ocean but it might also take us through the woods.   Though you can look at the credits and see who is playing what, there is just something animalistic in here near the end.   It feels like voices but also not like human voices, it almost begins to sound like dogs barking but not quite.   Therein lies the wonder of this cassette.