Music Review // Eddie Berman "Rolling Over Me"

The sound of Eddie Berman has its influences in various forms of rock.  On one hand there is this folk feeling, which makes me think about both The Wallflowers and Bob Dylan.  At the same time though, there is this sense of "Rolling Over Me" which makes me think of that Train song "Meet Virginia", which is a good song and still holds up to this day.  

What will surprise you about the sound of Eddie Berman is that there are these guitar parts which you'll hear somewhat unexpectedly.  It's that twang of the electric guitar or even just how the guitar notes can come through and make me think about Buddy Holly or something in the surf rock genre.   

This music video takes place on a cliff overlooking the beach and Eddie Berman can be seen playing an acoustic guitar and singing.  The general tone of this song is chill.  It doesn't really get too fast or too slow, so it has a nice steady pace about it that I like, but this also comes with the sense of just being on the beach and not having a care in the world.   But at the same time, Eddie Berman is on a cliff in the video so there is that lingering suspense and tension.

At its heart, "Rolling Over Me" is a rock song.  It doesn't really have any pop to it, in the sense that I wouldn't picture people on the beach playing volleyball and this song comes on in a playlist, but it is perfect for just lounging around, enjoying the weather and not letting anything hold you down.