Cassette Review // Detcord Noose "Infinite Regression EP"

Words cannot adequately describe how much I love Detcord Noose.   When I first started listening to really heavy music, I heard so much music which has influences in here but then in the early 2000's bands started adding more melody and singing to their choruses.  Detcord Noose takes me back to the early days of labels you wouldn't believe started out as hardcore labels if you looked at them now and other labels like Ferret Style.

This music is just brutal, powerful, fast paced and unrelenting.  From screaming to growling, from just an onslaught of music to those starts and stops, Detcord Noose hits every note and in the exact perfect location.  The percussion also needs its own mention here, as it just goes above and beyond to make this one feel like you're either being shot by a machine gun or dragged by the scalp through a swamp.

If you've had the chance to see Detcord Noose live you'll know they do have a slower number, which closes out this cassette and is called "Hemorrhaging".    This song has some melody in it, but it's still plodding.  Metal doesn't always have to be fast paced, but it's nice when it at least still sounds like it wants you to hurry up before it catches up with you and something bad happens to you.   

One misconception I think always have about hardcore music too is that just because you're playing fast and loud it means you're playing whatever and not very well.  This cassette is complex as fuck and the music in it is just something that I don't think even the most classically trained of musicians could've come up with.  If you like your music brutal, then you should definitely let this one rip through you.  


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