Music Review // Apryll Aileen "Our Time"

One of my favorite things about "Our Time" is that the whole song is just such a vibe.   There is this sort of upbeat and care-free way about it, like if you bumped into someone and accidentally spilled their coffee and they just responded "No worries".  It's not just in the music but in the lyrics as well.

This is a refreshing take on life and lessons learned as Apryll Aileen sings about if she never sees someone again then she at least wants them to know she enjoyed the time they spent together.   I think it's important to admit that sometimes things don't work out between two people and no one is to blame so why not end on a positive note.   There are certainly enough anger-fueled breakup songs, this is a nice change of pace.

I'm really not sure who this compares with musically as it is light and pop, but it doesn't quite match up with any other sound I've heard before and I like that as well.  It sounds what you would expect a song to sound like that just seems to have that mentality of "It's over and that's fine".   It's not even mean or uncaring, it's just such a positive outlook on life.

While this music video spends a lot of time at the beach it also mentions the seasons.  This makes me think how summer is coming to an end and sometimes relationships which work in the summer don't work so well afterwards.   This may or may not be related to that, but if you do happen to be going through those end of summer blues then this song is certain to lift your spirits. 


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