Music Review // Odario x Chaix "Do Nada (Chaix Remix)"


Right away Odario x Chaix have this unique musical sound because it's hip hop but there are elements of R&B in here as well.   Names like Will Smith and Rob Base come to mind as this feels like something in the classic sense- most modern hip hop doesn't sound this good.   There are just additional elements to the music but the flow of the rapping is right on.

This music video begins with a cassette tape and then it goes from skateboarding to basketball to sitting in the bathtub.  It has a lot of energy and fun considering that it is about doing nothing.   In many ways, this video also can showcase how doing nothing is actually something and can take a lot of energy.

But in this world of 2023 where people are constantly striving to prove that they are outworking and outliving each other, it's a nice reminder that every once in a while we need to take a day (or however much time is needed) to simply do nothing.  We all need a break, as our bodies need rest and we're all human, and this song, lyrically, is a good reminder of that as well.  

While there might not be as many songs as I'd like about the art of relaxing, I definitely feel like if you're going to start a playlist of such songs then "Do Nada" definitely needs to be on it.  It might be difficult not to move with the rhythm of this song, but overall, if you can use the words as a reminder to take some time for yourself every once in a while then you'll likely be living a better lifestyle.  


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