Music Review // David Vertesi "Who Am I Now?"

With deep vocals like Tom Waits, David Vertesti questions who he is now on this song and it can have a lot of meaning for someone who has struggled with such questions.  A nice rock song, "Who Am I Now?" has some killer guitar riffs in it and it just feels too cool for modern rock radio but also too modern for being a classic rock type of song.

As David Vertesi says within the song he spent ten years building up who he thought he was and then another ten watching it go down the drain.   This can be seen in a romantic relationship, if you are married and get divorced you can question who you are in that sense.  But if you don't let others define you in that regard, then you can think about this in a much broader sense.

There is an idea of someone who does something for most of their adult life- works the same job, if you will- and then gets fired from that job.  It's all they've ever known, so it's who they've always been by default.  And now they have to find out who they are all over again, like going back to that time when you just got out of high school.

Sometimes this can feel like hitting the reset button on your life and in ways I think it can be a good thing.   Starting over like that can make us feel young again.  It can provide a burst of energy.  But if you've ever thought you knew who you were but later found out that you didn't, then this is the perfect song for you.  


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