Music Review // Dan Pallotta "The Man That Fortune Forgot"

With an acoustic guitar strumming and orchestral strings behind it at times, Dan Pallotta has created a song in the style of the blues lyrically but more in an upbeat storytelling way musically.    A lot of these lyrics are cause and effect, such as "It rains right after I get the car washed", which is something that happened to me last time I went to the car wash.

The melodies in here make this song feel more joyful than the lyrics do.  It has an upbeat tempo and just feels like something you might hear on the radio in that pop rock way.  Songs like "Hey There Delilah" by the Plain White T's come to mind.   Sometimes the lyrics are as simple as "I ordered the green beans / They gave me the squash" and sometimes they're more serious with "Tried to find Jesus / But the chapel was locked".

On one hand, I think people can relate with this song just because sometimes we have those days where we feel like we're going through it and everything just seems to go wrong.  At the same time though, even if all of these different incidents aren't exactly what you can relate with on a specific level, they still tell a story overall and have that clever way about them which you can at least appreciate in a song writing way.

Dan Pallotta reminds me of Soul Asylum in terms of song writing and as this song comes to an end it's about not being able to be buried because the cemetery is full.  You can think of this as another stroke of bad luck, but at the same time it leaves me with the idea that for once the bad luck has paid off and he's able to prolong death for a bit because of it.  Eiher way, this song tells a fun story and is just enjoyable for listening.  


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