Cassette Review // Revenge Body "Chiron" (Redscroll Records)

"Chiron" starts off with big synth tones and drum machine beats.   There is a definite darkwave sound within here, but it also just feels very goth.   Musically, this can remind me of something older such as New Order or something newer such as Vlimmer, but ultimately I don't hear a lot (or enough) music which sounds like this in the present tense so I'm really excited about Revenge Body.

Even though it isn't even October yet, my mindset has gone there and so this also just feels like the perfect time for music which sounds like this.  Something about the Fall turning into Winter and just going into the spooky season seems so fitting for Revenge Body.  I also appreciate that this is on cassette because it could fit in with music released back when cassettes were the newest form of technology.

At times, these songs can remind me of She Wants Revenge but if you're into music with synths and drum machines which sounds gothic and dark, well, then Revenge Body is perfect for you.  The somewhat monotone vocals are unique and this is a sound I can't compare a lot of other music with but eventually I will be comparing new music (I hope) with this.