Music Review // Jiants "Real Easy"

This song by Jiants is a bit of a tricky one lyrically because to think of something as being "Real Easy" means you should be able to just walk through it.  But, the way this chorus is the matter at hand is not easy but it's real.  The way that the words get sort of twisted around like that give the song a different meaning than the title might suggest, but it's still worth hearing.

Driven by guitar rock there are elements of The Wallfowers in here with someone such as Elliott Smith.   It's just this pleasant melody that sounds a little bit more sullen than happy.   There is a nice guitar riff in the song as well, which just goes to show the musical aspect of the band and how it could be one of those college radio hits in the early 2000's.

This music video starts with someone inside at a typewriter and then they're on a gold cart driving through the woods.  Ultimately, they reach a location in the woods where they start playing music together as a band and I like it when a music video has these elements of seeing the musicians play their songs but also when they have aspects outside of that.  The combination of the two makes this video must see.

During this song there are the lyrics: "You gotta celebrate yourself sometimes / Till it's for real" and I think too often we compare ourselves with others and feel like we haven't made it as far as them, when in reality we should look back at where we were last year and see how far we've come.  Jiants also just does a great job of reminding us that life isn't always easy, but it's real and in the end that's worth it.