Music Review // Maya Blue "Hey"


The sound of Maya Blue is so refreshing because it reminds me of the type of band who was on the radio after grunge.   A lot of music people tend to feel like music hit that peak with grunge and so they don't give enough credit to those artists who came after it all, but there was a lot of great music and I can hear those sounds in "Hey".

While this song has these starts and stops it can feel like it's moving at a steady pace.  It's not fast enough to cause a panic but it's not slow enough to be a ballad either.  One of the biggest names that comes to mind when I hear this song is Lit and that is in no way a bad thing.   There is also a really big guitar solo within here.

I also feel like coming out of the grunge scene, post grunge if you will, a lot of bands had this slacker mentality and would sing about how they were no good.   Bands like Wheatus come to mind because I can also hear a little bit of them in this song by Maya Blue.  In that same way, this song seems to have similar themed lyrics as they say: "Hey pretty woman / Can you let me in / Though you shouldn't"

Whether you feel like this is a place for the music you love but stopped hearing so much of to pick right back up or whether this feels more like a fresh start in new music for you, the fact remains that Maya Blue have created a great rock song here.   In a world of rock musicians, one of the most difficult things to do is find your own sound and I do believe Maya Blue has done that and everyone else should be taking notes.  


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