Music Review // the beach bats "Knockdown"

The music of The Beach Bats isn't easy to describe because they draw elements from the past with elements of the present on "Knockdown".    While I realize that there are many artists out there trying to keep rock music alive, I won't name all of them in this review and just let it be known that there is an overall modern influence here.

Truly, this song is one of grunge roots though.  The notes come through like Temple of the Dog and then the chorus can kick in with these distorted guitars which just remind me of Alice In Chains.   The whole sound has this Silverchair vibe to it, but then by the end I'm also reminded of early Stone Temple Pilots.  This is a song which could've fit in with the radio grunge scene in the early/mid-1990's so well.

Something I also feel like more musicians used to do in the past but don't do as much now (See, once again, Alice In Chains) is that "Knockdown" takes this drift musically where you can just feel like you're floating around on clouds.  It's not quite a bridge and it's not a guitar solo, but it's something I wish more musicians did.  

This whole instrumental portion of the song comes back and kicks in heavy, as the vocals also begin to scream.   This could've easily been the point of the song where it fades out and ends, but to come back with that energy one last time just puts The Beach Bats in a class above the rest.  Regardless of what era of rock music you enjoy, this is a song you should definitely be listening to and taking notes on.  


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