Cassette Review // Nursing Death "Botched / Applied" (Post-Inventor)

This begins with a lot of distorted static just blasting through.  It feels like it has these wheels running behind it, as it's definitely moving, and then the levels of the static can get louder, as if we're going through a wind tunnel and getting deeper into it.   Some moments can also just feel like we're driving and then screeching to a halt.

At times it feels like the sound of driving with a flat tire (not recommended to listen to this while driving because of that) and then the harsh distortion just blares through even louder.  This can also just bring out the feeling of something being unraveled from a wheel, before these pained moans come out as well.

Everything feels like it's hitting all at once, but then it finds this rhythm of the road.  You can hear synth coming through and it just switches from being darker and harsher to a bit of a lighter level.  You can especially hear this sort of change when it drops out and gets lower.    There is also this sound of just being dragged across gravel before that false car starting sound takes over.  

On the flip side, that sound of distortion blowing like the wind returns and now it feels like it's also swirling around in a circle.   It feels like we're in the middle of a tornado with things just blowing around, but then it eventually calms down to where it feels like more of a controlled wind.   As this moves, it can also begin to sound like racecars going around a track.   

A pause and then we are back with a giant rolling ball full of that distorted static.  It just feels like it's engulfing everything in its path.   In my mind I see this tornado like a cloud of wind, but I also can't help but think of Taz, the Looney Tunes character, spinning around and causing his particular brand of mayhem.

Another pause and we're back with the distortion coming through in bursts such as a mechanical way.   This feels like a cross between something from an old steam engine or out of a factory somewhere, but either way it is chugging along.