Music Review // Ekelle "Baddie"

After listening to "Flo", Ekelle has become one of my favorite artists and that only has become confirmed with this song, "Baddie".   There is just a vibe to this song about being a bad bitch that makes me feel like it could be part of the "Birds of Prey" soundtrack, which is literally one of the best soundtracks that I have heard in years.

Ekelle really has no equal though.  There are other rappers out there and whether you're thinking more mainstream like Doja Cat or Nicki Minaj or maybe less known like CupcakKe, there is just something that Ekelle brings to the table which is genuinely her and so you can't compare it with others because they can't offer it up the same way.   It's just a cross between a style and a mood.  

I must admit that since marijuana is legal in most places now, rappers have to rap about smoking that *good* weed because just smoking weed used to be enough but people aren't as impressed by that so they need to know the quality.  I also like that this song is about making money and just all around not giving a shit.  At one point she says something about dating but only if you'll take her to Miami.   It's refreshing to see someone know their worth and perpetuate that image.

The only problem I really have with Ekelle is that her songs are too short.  Once you really start feeling these beats, the song is over.   But you can always put this on repeat and let it go for as long as you want.  It would also serve as a perfect mantra for just getting out there in the world and taking it to your advantage.  This is a powerful anthem for someone who wants to go out and get something because they deserve it.  


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