Cassette Review // Delicious Monsters "Freedom Plastic Realistic?" (Tetryon Tapes)

At first listen, Delicious Monsters make a sound like punk rock but also there is some melody within so you could even call it melodic punk.   But as this cassette goes on, you'll begin to hear different influences which can come out of the punk realm but are just not the same as that first impression.  

With a little bit of grunge but also that CBGB era of punk, I'm reminded of Valley Gals at times.   Overall, this cassette either has a fun and jovial vibe to it or it becomes quite intense.   While it can bring out a bit of Sleater-Kinney, there is also a sense of intricate sounds within the songs.   "Highways", for example, can go from these delicate guitar parts to just the idea of everything crashing down.

The second half of this cassette also gets wild.  The music becomes more intense and the songs can be about subjects which really make you think.   There are times when the vocals are spoken and this reminds me of The Shangri-Las, who I wish I could compare more modern music with.   It just has that way where you don't know if the person singing is completely innocent or about to murder you.

There are many thought-provoking lyrics in here but my favorite line is: "What's the purpose of death if we're barely alive", which appears on "Super-Hit".    It raises a good point because we are all going to die at some point so why not live a life worthy of that end.   All of those things that you want to do, just get out there and do them because tomorrow is promised to no one.