Music Review // Ava Della Pietra "ego"

If you've ever counted on Ava Della Pietra to not let you down, then "ego" will certainly not disappoint.   At first, this song comes out a little slower and softer, which reminds me of a lot of what you hear on the radio these days.  I'm not going to name names, but if you'd put on a pop radio station you'll know exactly who I'm talking about.  This song then flips a switch and becomes this synthpop dance number that's unlike anything on the radio and really unlike anything out there right now, which is why you should hear it.

The general tone of "ego" is so much fun.  Hearing it for the first time, you might be unsure but as soon as that beat kicks in you're going to want to get up and dance.  This is funny because the way it can be infectious with the dance grooves doesn't feel like the same vibes as the lyrics, at least in an overall sense.  Ava Della Pietra sings about whether or not she is just here to feed your ego and in life in general but also specifically life as an artist you have to wonder this.

On one hand, someone could be genuinely interested in you.  I won't deny that.  But at the same time, that person might only be interested in what you can do for them.   Even they're not trying to further their music career, maybe they just like riding in limos and the lifestyle that goes with it.  So it is difficult to know whether or not someone really is in it for you or because you'll increase their follower count on social media.

This music video takes place in a subway car, a live performance if you will, and that's just so NYC of Ava Della Pietra.   Though that looming message of "Do they love me or do they love what I bring them" can be hanging over this song, by the end I do believe it has this upbeat presence because you have acknowledged that and now you know to be smart enough to not let someone in who is just going to use you.   That feels like the most important part of this song is just knowing what is real. 


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