Music Review // The Crowleys "Seasons"


"Seasons" is an appropriately themed song for right now because Summer is coming to an end and Autumn is on its way.  This all depends on where you live, but here in the Northeast we are going from the warmer summer weather to the cooler Autumn weather and the leaves begin to change and then fall off of the trees.  This song by The Crowleys touches upon that subject but also dives a bit deeper into it.

With their sound of trippy and mellow rock n roll, this feels like Mazzy Star or something along those lines more than modern music.  Before the end of the song there is this great guitar solo and the music within may seem like it's simple because it seems almost like it's being delivered in slow motion, but it's still so good and can almost feel like it's coming out in a dreamy -gaze way.

This music video shows different seasons through an old school type of lens.   People are walking around, playing acoustic outside and then end up inside.  One of the biggest points I think that this song seems to make is how the seasons have changed.  When I was a kid, it always felt like we went from warm to cool within a week and then it stayed like that.  Now, we might still reach the 80s in October (which is too warm)

The way I think about it now is that sometimes we might have Halloween and it's snowing and sometimes we might have Halloween and it's shorts weather (too hot to wear your costume).  This shouldn't be and on "Seasons" it feels like The Crowleys address that issue that the weather is changing.   It's not just that it's changing from season to season, but from year to year the seasons themselves are changing and that needs to be looked upon more.