Cassette Review // BODY FARM "LIVING HELL" (...So This Is Progress)

This cassette is the "Living Hell" EP on Side A with a self-titled 7", a split 7" and a single on Side B.   It's a great way to collect various Body Farm songs in one place and it just so happens to be on cassette.   When I first really got into hardcore music, it was on cassette and so this feels like such a good way to listen to such music- at least for me.  

I became so comfortable hearing bands like Sick Of It All and then diving into Victory Records, Revelation Records and even Equal Vision Records in the late 1990's/early 2000's, but then at some point most of the hardcore music I could find also came with singing in the chorus.  I've said it before, but when I can find music this straight forward and brutal I'm really happy to hear it.

Fast paced with sweet guitar riffs, at times the songs can have a larger message about society on the whole and sometimes it's just nice to hear: "I don't owe you a fucking thing".  There is an audio clip of Pee Wee Herman in here, which hits harder now after his death, and also an audio clip of: "The people / united / will never be defeated" being chanted.   It's really the type of music that should unite people against the common enemy of the government or any oppressor.

While there are certainly artists who are making hardcore music with a message still today, I'm going to almost always relate this type of music with boysetsfire and so I do hear some of that in here.   But this is going to be fairly straight forward in its sound as well.  If you don't like music that is fast paced and heavy or questions to government, then this clearly won't be for you.  


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