Thursday, September 28, 2023

Music Review // august brodie "Sofa King Lonely"

We've all been lonely at some point, right?  For many people, it can even become their personality because they're just used to being alone.   And, for the record, being alone doesn't always mean being lonely in the sense that you can live with roommates and still feel lonely, surrounded by people.

In any event, August Brodie brings out a pop punk side that reminds me of blackbear.  This song is also catchy as hell so whether you've been lonely or not, it's likely after hearing this you're going to walk around singing "I'm so fucking lonely" as the chorus does.   The song tells a story about two people who spent time together in August but now are apart, so it doesn't even have to be a break up because you could be apart for any number of reasons.

I do enjoy that in the lyrics August Brodie seems blunt, as he sings: "I'm so lost / without you / I wrote this / song about you".   Most artists would leave you guessing if it was about you, so this is a nice change of pace.   All of the lyrics feel like they can be related with and if not they're at least to the point where you can sing along with them after a few listens. 

Are you lonely right now? Even if you aren't, I feel like just thinking of this song in relation to August Brodie is enough to get it stuck in your head.   You don't have to be lonely to enjoy this song if you can think of it as August Brodie being lonely and by listening to it you can at least empathize with him if not relate.  

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