Music Review // Borza "Mundo de ilusión" (feat. Yoandris Torres Fondin)

Music has always been something to me which has transcended language.  You may not understand the lyrics on this song, but there are a lot of artists out there who have lyrics in English that I don't understand so it's fair.   This song begins with these steady beats and acoustics.  There is singing in here but also at some point you can hear someone speaking.

What I like about this song is that it feels like a nice party type of song to just put on and let play because of the rhythm of it.   If it maintained the same sound from start to finish, it'd be fine in any playlist for a party especially those bordering on hip hop.  But at some point deep into this song, the mood changes and the tone shifts.  A guitar part comes on and I'm reminded of some artist such as The Doors.

While it isn't easy to describe, there is a nice change of going from this more pop/hip hop influenced sound with the beat being kept in that way and then to this driving rock sound which has more of the guitar and percussion.   It follows the same set of ideas, but just seems to deliver it with different instruments.

By the end there are horns and it just goes back to feeling like a party.   If this song played through the entire way in a similar manner to how it starts, I would definitely like it because it just feels so fun.   But adding that idea of putting a little bit of rock n roll into it just further makes it stand out from other songs out there and makes me like it even more.  


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