Cassette Review // Ceremonial Abyss "Tape Study for Four Variants"

We begin with a quiet, peaceful sound as if waves are slowly crashing on the beach.   Electronic keys come in now, solemn and it feels like an old sci-fi film, along the lines of "Logans Run".   The music sets the tone for something peaceful and birds can be heard chirping now to further that notion.   The tones can take on the sound of a video game, but the vibes are just so chill.

Items feel as if they are being scattered now, a slow release in between the celestial tones which bring us back to that peaceful place.   From deeper bass notes to higher pitched notes, this begins to feel like the sound is taking us on a journey.   This goes back to the video game idea as this feels almost like a medieval quest, like something out of Zelda.  

Those scattered sounds return along with the angelic tones.   This takes us into the flip side which begins with notes which sound like they could be coming from a record player.   This all feels rather uplifting and just like we're in the clouds, on our way to Heaven.   It feels as if we are floating now into galaxies beyond our comprehension.  

As the tones drone on, it begins to feel like we are in a trance.  This then switches like a radio station into this deeper feeling of synth, which is like Underworld.   There is this strong stream-lined type of synth sound which comes on right at the end, this kind of feels like the way of the music telling you it is about to end and snapping you back into reality, but overall this is just such a relaxing way to spend your time.  


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