Cassette Review // Many Blessings vs. Pain Chain "Soul Terror" (Somatic)

This cassette begins with the sound of marching, like stomping and then it kicks in loudly with this heavy static.   There is that blast coming through like distortion but then also a blast like electricity.  Sometimes they trade off when they strike and sometimes it is at the same time.   It can feel as if this sound is at war with itself.

Quieter now, it feels as if the church bell is ringing in the distance.  This becomes a bit warbly and then it gets somewhat distorted to create a new sound with it all as well.   Through these quieter distorted patches, bursts of energy come through almost like a bugzapper but also like a buzzer where an answer is wrong and an electro-shock is being sent to the person causing them pain.

Everything culminates into this giant windstorm where it's chaotic and loud.   Then it gets quieter again, as the sound picks back up with a single thump, the beating of the Tell-Tale Heart.  The distorted electricity is back now as well.   A solo note comes up, somewhat hypnotic, and this just drives until a final burst of distorted electrics.  

On the flip side the distortion just slides on through as this electronic feeling comes out in a rhythm which I can't explain but it just moves in loops.  It feels like something being put inside of something else and shaken or the way a computer makes that thinking noise when you ask it a question and it says "Calculating".   It feels like we're riding a wave through this sound and then it gets screechy as well.

The next song comes out with this very strong sound of mechanics working and just making loud noises.    It gets louder and harsh, but also just feels like it's blasting through in a drone way.   Laser blasts follow and then we get into this squealing type of electronics which always makes me think of electronic mice.  

It gets quieter at the end, but it also feels like there's this electronic wave in here, where you're on the ocean going back and forth.   This makes for a somewhat relaxing sound, but I also imagine this whole sound as being one of an astronaut going into space and coming back but landing in the ocean and being lost at sea.   It's nice to be home and the ocean is calm, but at the same time no one is coming to save you.


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