Music Review // Robert Jon & The Wreck "Stone Cold Killer"

Robert Jon & the Wreck are back with a brand new music video for the song "Stone Cold Killer".    At first, this song reminds me a bit of ZZ Top.  It just has that classic and Southern rock n roll way about it.   But as the song goes on, the chorus kicks in with the keys and it just feels like a rock song that you'd hear coming out of a bar in New Orleans.

This music video is particularly special to me.  Right away, I can see the resemblance to Spy vs Spy and as the video goes on it becomes even more apparent.   As it goes with the song itself, this woman is a "Stone Cold Killer" and so you see the animated version of Robert Jon running around during the music video, being killed by her in various ways.  This is a nice throwback to Spy vs Spy as a lot of what they did was under similar circumstances (bombs, pushing off of roofs, etc)

There are also these black dots in the animation which reminds me of older styles of comic books and the whole thing is just so much fun to watch.  And I respect it because on one hand you'll have people who see it and get it but then if people don't get it they can still appreciate the style and learn about it.    Having these cool concepts while keeping the past alive is something every musician should strive to do.

During the chorus, the animated Robert Jon is shown singing with the band and just having the backup vocals of the title being animated into its own scene is such the perfect touch for this music video.   Though this music video is not overly complicated (but not everyone can just have an animated music video) it definitely has layers.  Like the music itself, you must appreciate it for what it is on the surface but then also dive deeper and come to love it a little bit more.