CD Review // Leslie Keffer "Pollutes" (NO PART OF IT)

What starts like the sound of vacuuming, quickly turns into electronic skramz.   As the notes decompress they begin to have more of a distorted electric guitar feel to them.  I wasn't really sure what was responsible for making them before this.   This shifts into that static which just comes through like a wall and a bit of squeaking and sharper tones which are somewhat robotic but also just feel like glitches.

As the sound of the motor all comes to an end, we open up the next song with a layer of distorted static.   A little bit of that lightsaber sound comes through with this as well.  Screams come through like they're in a blender now and a harsher, sharper sound follows.   A buzzing now and that distorted sound also just carries in the way that it has been thus far.   It just feels like it's driving and it's continuing to go.

The sound screams to a stop and then the next song begins with wavy bits of distortion.  In some ways, though distorted, it feels like we're in a rhythm of walking as well.   Then it all just melts into that static drone.   Moaning comes through now with sharper sounds and an audio clip of three seconds left to go.   Between the motors and the sharpness now it also feels like this electric guitar with a high tone pitch is just piercing through.

Screeching and thumping now, we grind our way into the final song.   Electronics come out to make this feel rather alien, as if we're on another planet listening to what someone in the 1950's might have thought was their music (or even the 1980's).   Through the distortion now, as we near the end of the song, it can sound as if someone is talking, a mumbled sort of warning and before you know it the entire piece comes to an end.