Music Review // Luminatrix "Antihero"

The sound of Luminatrix can come through right away as rock n roll, but as you listen to "Antihero" you will hear that sound expand with each individual song.  Back when record labels were something it felt like every artist was aspiring to be a part of, there was a sound where albums just felt complete by having songs which could cross genres but still be all tied together and "Antihero" really reminds me of those days.

Right away I hear some Joan Jett on the opening song, "Nemesis".   Within the second song, "Among Us", I hear these guitars which remind me of Nirvana.  Luminatrix does a great job of finding that space between rock n roll and grunge, but then as we get into "All the Pretty Horses" it has a sort of country twang to it while also just feeling like a spooky rock type of song, which feels perfect for the upcoming Autumn season.

Artists like Heart and Blondie come to mind, but a lot of what you've listened to that shaped your musical tastes might be what you hear in here as well.   "China Again" is quite the hypnotic number as "Verbena" comes out as a power ballad.  This is just such an all around solid album but it also has that album feel to it that many musicians lack these days.  It's not just a collection of songs- they have a purpose.

Luminatrix also just has this way with their lyrics where if you spend enough time listening you'll be able to sing along, but they are also relatable.  Sometimes it's okay to have lyrics to sing along with but not fully understand them, but the fact that you can do both here should help this album to reach a wider audience.   If you're a fan of rock at all, then you definitely need to check this one out.  


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