My Five Favorite Albums Released in May 2023

 Wasn't sure if I'd be back in this for May or not (mostly due to time constraints) but here we are!

Rich Aucoin "Synthetic Season 2" (We Are Busy Bodies)

An exploration in electronic music, Rich Aucoin takes us through every level of the genre that I can think of.  The sounds can move faster like "Go" and "Run Lola Run", have the intensity of "Alias" but also have those sci-fi "Doctor Who" vibes within as well.   I'm sure someone more familiar with the genre can pick out more influences, but I just like this one because it's fun.  

Perhaps that is also a key component in this.  It's sort of electronic music for people who might not be big fans of the genre, but can still listen to this and appreciate it.   Whether it be played during late night drives or while dancing around in your bedroom, this is definitely one of the most popular albums I've been listening to in quite some time.  

Setting Sun "The Feelings Cure"

Setting Sun has this acoustic rock sound which, despite their name, makes me think about the sun shining bright in the sky.  It's mellow and melodic, a bit like Milky Chance or Tom Petty, but this just has that feeling of sunshine to me.  As we approach the summer months, I know there is music I'm going to listen to while driving in the day time and this is one of the prime candidates for just that.

I can see in some ways how this album might be thought of as sad, especially with the big strings on "Up and Away", so this will also likely stick with me for the rest of the year, into the autumn and winter, but right now I just feel this as this sort of sun and surf type of vibe which I'll listen to on the way to the beach.   But it is definitely full of enough melodies that everyone should give it at least one listen.  

REAL DOGS "Fragments IV"

This was my first time hearing about REAL DOGS, but seeing as how this is the fourth installment it makes me want to go back and listen to the previous three as well.   This music is largely electronic, which can sometimes feel light like a bubble and other times it just feels like a video game.   It's the type of music I really enjoy listening to at any time because it just keeps me going.

By the end though this does get a little bit funky and as it ends on a song called "80s Fade", it reminds me as well of something from that era of going to the mall and buying music on cassette.   It's not quite nostalgic and it's not quite vaporwave, but I really do enjoy this electronic music that I've just been filling my speakers with everywhere this month and will continue to do so for as long as I can.  

shy martin "late night thoughts"

Though an EP, this is a lot of fun to listen to while driving home at night.  Sometimes these songs feel short, acoustic and much like bedroom pop.   "glued to the floor" opens up as a big pop number, with lyrics about the chemicals and I really do enjoy that.   "grow old together" is more like a ballad and then "wait it out" also feels minimal until those big vocals kick in.

I really enjoy that this EP feels like a collection of songs to kind of come down from a night of energy.  It could be used in the opposite way as well, I believe, and be put on in the morning to help you kind of wake up and get going in a more calm and easing manner, but I really just feel like it's best at night time and the title suggests that as well.  

Eleni Drake "Surf The Sun"

While this music is chill it reminds me of a slowed down No Doubt, a little bit of Lana Del Rey and even some Fleetwood Mac.   There are grooves and organ tones, acoustics and trumpets and it just seems to go all out by the end with big rockin' sounds kicking in.  Much like Setting Sun, this just feels like an album that is starting off now in May but will carry me through the summer.  It just makes me think of sunshine.

On some level this just reminds me of the Beach Boys, though it is more mellow.  It's not that it has a similar sound or even lyrics that are along the same lines, it's just that I feel like this would be good to listen to while either at the beach or driving to the beach.   I also like that as we're getting into warmer weather here, there is music to go along with it.  


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