Music Review //
The Lightning Struck
"Rock 'n Roll Ending"

There exists this moment where Scott Weiland presented an award for best rock band on a VH1 show and though it went to Creed when he opened the envelope he first joked that the winners were Stone Temple Pilots.   At that moment, I felt like rock n roll had ended because a lot of that "We'll trash your hotel room" type of lifestyle had seemingly come to an unofficial end.  But this song might also be about the type of ending which comes with death.

So while I think back about that moment and how "rock bands" on the radio went from Guns N Roses to Maroon 5, I also think about all of those artists we lost before their time really should've been up.  The Lightning Struck singing about not wanting a rock n roll ending is a bit refreshing as now maybe we can move forward with that sound but not that lifestyle and untimely end.

With classic rock vibes this song has soul and those sweet guitars.  It reminds me of Tom Petty and .38 Special, but also with a modern take on the genre.  And I think that's perhaps what The Lightning Struck does best of all.  They don't sound like they're trying to cover a classic rock band, but rather they take that style of rock n roll music and bring it into the 21st Century.  This is something many artists have tried and few have actually done.

Sometimes rock n roll can be overwhelming.  There is so much music and more just keeps coming, it's tough to know where to start.  But for a good sense of what is both classic and present, I suggest this song by The Lightning Struck.  If you also happen to have a summer playlist with Lynyrd Skynyrd or that one Unkle Kracker song on it, then this would also be a nice addition to such a rock n roll vibe.  


  1. Hey thanks for the review! You clearly get what we were reaching for in this song. Thanks! -- Loren


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