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The older you get the more you realize that the saying "Youth is wasted on the young" is correct.   Kasador blows through a song which has elements of Cage The Elephant, AWOLNATION and just a lot of soul while tackling the topic of wasting your youth.   The verses have this specific tempo to them that I like while the chorus is fast and loud.

Hidden within these lyrics about coasting through your youth are lines like "I don't attach to things 'cause I can't relate", which is really something more people should be willing to admit rather than faking interest.   I'm not sure how that relates to being young other than when you get older you begin to feel like you have less time to fake interest so you stop lying to yourself and everyone else and just tell it how you see it.

This music video takes place inside of a studio where the musicians are playing and to see it go by so fast is just a reminder of everything in life.  "I can't slow down or stop" is an important line because it just feels like we need to keep going and if nothing else it always feels like we need to be doing more.   

No matter how you live your life, I think most people wake up in their 30's feeling like they wasted their 20's, but that's kind of the point of your 20's maybe.   As long as you're learning and growing, time isn't really wasted because you're gaining experience.   This song says "I will never say goodbye to my youth" and I think as long as we keep growing and learning it can help us to stay young.  


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