Cassette Review //
"Chronic Quicksand Depression Morning"
(Blackjack Illuminist Records)

ASSASSUN has returned with another cassette that combines the idea of darkwave music with dance music.   Through electronic tones, this one will make you just want to get out of your seat and move.   "Unfold On My Chest" has these ambient tones which turn into chaotic electronics and much of this cassette seems to be themed around chaotic electronics.  At times this reminds me of a robotic Devo and then big synths come out during "Fear Doubled".

Big video game bass electronics start up "Amniotic Concrete" and then "The Ivories And I" have this cool Miami Vice type of drifting synth.   This is chill, but also a little bit eerie and it sets the tone for the cassette.   Though the general vibe here is one of dancing, there are also times when it just gets so dark that you might be dancing for a different reason.

On the flip side we begin with this fast paced almost pinball type of tone.  That chaos again makes me think of this as being some sort of skramz version of electronica and if that doesn't exist yet it might very well have been created here.  Bouncy, very electronic sounds come through and then there is also this ringing which reminds me of an old touch tone phone even though it comes through in a different manner.

Distorted synth cuts through and it feels like we're dancing our last dance as the lyrics sing "I'm gone".    The songs have a cross between being almost spoken but there is singing and it can get pretty intense.   I can think of dancing as being more care-free but this is definitely more along the serious lines.   This is not to be taken lightly, but once you find the groove in it you'll never want to stop.  


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