CD Review //
"Vol. 3"

This starts off quietly, then slowly builds in with the sounds of lasers shooting through space and insects.   I always think of these types of sounds as being from an old sci-fi movie from the 1950's where they battled giant bugs in space and I also want to recreate something equal in content some day.   Droning, this sound continues on as if it is taking over everything in its path, just wiping out everything.

Ultimately, this sound breaks down into beats and rhythms now which makes it feel like industrial-electro.   Within this rhythm now comes different tones, some of which sound like when someone is banging around pots and pans in the kitchen, but there is also just this sound of an alarm of sorts going on every time this cycles and it makes it feel that much more concerning.   The sound screeches through a little bit and then the pace changes.  

As we shift, the sound begins to feel like things are breaking but also there is this drive like "Tron" and it just feels like we're in this electronic world but also somehow set within the world of the future.   It's rather bass driven as well and just feels like a cross between those two forces, which is quite the way to be heard.  It all feels like it's coming together in the electronic windstorm now, as it swirls around and settles in a supersonic way.  

On the second track there are these more serious type of tones coming through with the percussion that just rings.   It feels like we're in the basement of some warehouse, everything just echoing in an almost eerie sense.  It all begins winding and twisting through now, as if in space but also there is a lot of electricity.   The sounds make it feel as if it is launching for take off and then coming back down as well.

Like slowed down Transformers, this one is bordering on industrial as it becomes just wavy at the end.   Those Pole Position type of synths really turn into whooshes now, all building and coming to a head as this song ends with a few more of the keytar type of tones coming through as well.

Into the next song we have this ringing coming through in a glitch way.  It feels like someone is pressing a key for something electronic- perhaps an old phone but for some reason I have the idea of a cash register stuck in my head- and so you imagine pressing that button but then it echoes for a bit and that's how this sounds right now.   A voice is now coming through, talking about the United States of America.

All the sounds drop off now into this outer space void with some modem sounds and then ringing like lasers.   It gets a little bit louder, somewhat harsh, and then the audio returns to talking about the United States.   Within this harshness come some lasers, shooting throughout the song, and it feels somewhat like an old video game- like Asteroids- but it's also a bit too loud for something like that as well.  It's coming through like choppy whirrs but also reminds me of records.

This turns into an all out space blast where it just feels like some sort of supersonic gun melting everything in space.   Very much like a sci-fi movie from the 1950's, but also a bit like we're going into the Twilight Zone at the same time.   As the words repeat in the background, this one seems to use all of its power to make them disintegrate.  

The fourth and final song starts off a lot slower and more minimal with these tones just stretching out across the landscape.  Distortion rains down like a storm and the whole sound begins to overtake the environment much like a thunderstorm would.  Sharp notes slightly crack through.   Slower now, the crackling just begins to sound like decay as the sharpness cuts through like the last breaths of life.   Everything slowly comes to its end, loudly, softly and then nothing left at all.  


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