Music Review //
Ava Della Pietra
"worst of times"

One thing I've always liked about music is how it can have this way about it of feeling sad but also making you feel better when you listen to it.  This song begins in a gloom sort of state where it feels like it's going to be a sad ballad, but as it goes on it picks up and becomes positive by the end.   This song is the living embodiment of turning a negative into a positive and if nothing else that has value because we should all be so optimistic in our lives.

With an acoustic pop sound, somewhat reminding me of Alanis Morissette, Ava Della Pietra brings out the lyrics about it being the worst of times which does sound bad, yes, but this remains a positive song as the lyrics are about sticking with someone through the worst times.  I particularly enjoy the lines: "I'll fill up the dark with candlelight / in the worst of times".  Just knowing that you have someone there by your side is sometimes enough.

All too often it feels like when we have relationships with people- from romantic to family to business- when times get tough people get going.  Sticking it through those tough times with someone really says something about who you are and, hopefully, they will stick with you through your tough times as well.   As the song says, "Things are getting kind of rough" and if you're not feeling it right now, you might be feeling it later.

Perhaps the most important aspect of this delightful song is that it has a feeling which is mutual.  It's not just about knowing someone will be there for you, but that you will be there for them too.   As it says: "I'm lucky you'll be there for me / when I'm feeling empty / And now you know that I will be there for you too".    Sometimes all we need is that support and if we lend it to someone else all we can do is hope it comes back to us as well.  


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